Full automatic fresh orange juice vending machine

Equipment specification: 1.12mx width 0.9mx height 2.4m Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ Rated power: 1kw Weight of equipment: 500kg The temperature control system: 5-8 ° C temperature control Display: 22-inch capacitive touch screen AD screen: 32 inch LCD display Window glass: double layer loe insulated glass for electric heating and defrosting Payment system: cash, alipay, WeChat payment Fresh orange size: 60-80 fresh orange diameter Cup capacity: 350ml Single storage: 60 cups of orange juice (one refill) Single glass of juicing time: 45 seconds
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About us
Development path
Enterprise honor

Company profile

Company profile

Shanghai zhenguo intelligent technology co., ltd. is a company with a professional r&d and design team that can independently develop and produce a selfservice retail terminal that is completely intelligent and unattended. It integrates fresh orange juice and automatic sale.


The development course

development history

Since 2012, the main creative team of zhenguo technology has only focused on the development, design and production of fresh orange juice in a single field, and always put product quality and user experience first. After years of continuous consolidation and optimization, and after a long period of market testing, the self-service sales terminal of fresh orange juice of real fruit has established its highest intelligent degree and stability in the world, and more consumers have brought unique consumption experience.



Enterprise honor

Corporate honor

True fruit with a freshly squeezed orange juice self-service terminals from the European Union CE certification authority, after the eu LVD and EMC test equipment, equipment for 7 * 24 hours a day in the certification lab tests, all indexes meet the European CE standards, allowed to enter the European Union more than 30 national region, its products free circulation in the eu market. At the same time also won the national authority SGS certification and the authority of the Shanghai municipal food and drug administration certification.


Professional advantage

Professional advantage

We have a strong professional research and development team, set design, development, production and sales as one, manufacturing high quality equipment terminals. With reliable quality, beautiful appearance, humanized design, fine quality, practical structure and thoughtful after-sale service, won the trust and praise of the majority of users.

Cases Cases

At the request of Saudi customers, we have introduced the...


Shanghai zhenguo intelligent technology co., ltd. is a pr...


  Fresh orange juice vending equipment is gradually sprea...

corporate culture

Corporate mission: we take fresh as the standard in the new retail industry, abandon the traditional business model, from the selection of fresh orange to the whole intelligent fresh orange juice self-service sales terminal to the hands of users; Make orange juice with Internet thinking, eliminate all intermediate links, and bring freshness and health to our life in the most convenient way. Corporate vision: committed to creating new consumption concepts that are fresh, healthy, convenient and fashionable.

News News information

In recent years, with people's pursuit of the concept of healthy drink consumption, "pure natural, zero-added" fresh juice gradually into people's lives. The market share of fresh juice is gradually becoming the first place in the beverage market.

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